Collection: Sheepskin natural coloured

These beautiful natural coloured sheepskins are from Shetland's native sheep , we use skins from our own sheep when we are producing a batch of  meat and also from other flocks in Shetland to prevent them going to landfill. Every skin is unique, we try to photograph them in away that shows all of their colours & markings accurately, however your computer screen may not show the colours in exactly the same shades. 

We photograph the back of the rug so that you can see the shape, most rugs are the shape that you would expect but some are not symmetrical due to processing or areas of damage that have been trimmed.                                                                 

Occasionally a rug will have a small tear in the skin in the middle of the rug, these are still processed and are still excellent rug, however we have reduced the price slightly to reflect the fault.                                                                                                                    If you would like additional pictures of any of the rugs, please just let us know, 

We are lucky to have an abattoir here in Shetland, this means that the sheep have a very short trip to Lerwick and are cared for by a small team of amazing staff who are also crofters and farmers. The skins are initially processed by us & then sent away to a commercial tannery for finishing this meaning that they are processed in a way that makes them acceptable to taking overseas.