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The Silly Sheep Fibre Company

Sheepskin rug 63

Sheepskin rug 63

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Our beautiful sheepskin rugs are all unique, even those that appear at first glance to be a solid colour have subtle variations in shades.

We try to capture this in our photographs but if you would like additional pictures to help you choose, just let us know.

Each rug has its measurements on the label, these are taken approximately from the longest & widest point  to help you select your rug.

All of our rugs are from Shetland sheep born & raised in Shetland, when we take sheep to the abatoir we have our skins back, we also collect skins from some other local flocks.

Our skins are sent to a professional tannery for processing, the details of this are on the finished rug, this should make it acceptable to your local Customs & Quarantine sevices if you are overseas.

Our rugs are priced by weight, so although 2 rugs maybe the same size the price variation is because one is thicker skinned or has longer wool than the other.

A few rugs have a small hole or cut in the skin, this is not noticable from the front & is a result of the tanning process. These skins have had a small reduction in their price & any damage is visible in the picture of the back of the rug.

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